The Journey Continues

I'm going to do pictures differently on this site then I did on the old one.  Before I had mostly pictures taken since Keeghan's cancer diagnosis, but his life was so much more than just those two years between his diagnosis and his death.  So I will be adding pictures from all points of both kids' lives here because I want I want all of Keeghan's life, as well as Maxx's, to be remembered.

Carrickfergus Castle, Country Antrim, Northern Ireland, April 2008

We love this particular picture.  The outside bar area of our hotel in Belfast was called the Sitootery.  We thought it was a great name.  We have this picture blown up and framed and hanging in Mike's kitchen - out own little "sitootery."  I love the expression on Keeghan's face - it's just so him.

Another silly Photo Booth picture!

He loved his puppy!  Taken on the day we got Ceili, April 1, 2007.

This was taken in January 2007 at a stop along the George Washing Parkway in Virginia, just outside Washington, DC.  I've always loved this picture of Keeghan.  My handsome little freckled man.

Maxx and Keeghan loved coming up with creative pictures using my computer.  This is one of many.

This was taken in our house on Pope AFB, NC.  This is such a typical Keeghan look. 

Live long and prosper!

He looks like he is in so much pain in this picture, yet the one below was taken AFTER this.  Obviously whatever he'd done to hurt himself only lasted for a moment!

Nobody loved him more than her (or vice versa).

One of the best investments I've ever made.  Both kids could spend hours on this trampoline!  Sometimes Keeghan would disappear and we'd go looking for him only to find him laying in the middle of the trampoline just watching the trees and the clouds!

I don't even remember where this is.  It had to be someplace warm if he was running around with no shirt in January!

This was the beginning of the "Hot Topic" love that Maxx still has!  Both kids loved that store.

North Carolina

Myrtle Beach, SC

Earth Day, 2nd Grade
I love this picture so much.  That is, without a doubt, the MOST handsome freckled nose.  EVER.